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Beranek Basketball Camp

What you can expect from our Basketball Camp

- Positive Environment 

- Create Great Work Habits

- Fundamental Instruction

- Transfer of Learning

- Great Relationships

- Skill Development

- Engaged Campers

- Understanding the Game

Our Camp Information

Our staff is passioniate about teaching campers the game of basketball.  

We take pride in trying to get to know each camper on a first name basis. When you come to our camp, you get our staff as mentors for the rest of your life. 

With our 10 year experience in conducting camps, we are able to tailor drills and activities to meet the needs of any skill level in order to achieve maximium engagement and learning. 

We work on skills that need work regardless of what system you play in - our breakdown drills will help it all! 

Our camp focuses a lot on Transfer of Learning. By putting campers through various drills and seeing the transfer from a drill - practice - game-like situation.

Skill Development for all levels - our staff is experienced at structuring our camps to meet the needs of everyone - regardless of different skill levels. 

We are able to provide basic fundamental instruction that have proven to be successful along with next level instruction. We share the drills with you that we feel have impacted our playing careers the most.

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